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What sets us apart from other Cleaners?

Most people you talk to tend to think all cleaners are the same.  If you look strictly by appearances then we all appear to look the same.  We clean, remove stains, press and package clothes, but the end result is what sets us apart, like night and day! Have you ever tried to save a couple dollars at your local discount cleaners and had your clothes ruined?  Has this ever happened to you, then you didn't really save, did you?

It is very important to take your clothes to a professional cleaners that really knows and cares about what they are doing.  Here at Woodlake Cleaning Center, you can rest assured that's who we are!  You'll most likely get spoiled being treated as someone special and greeted friendly at our counter.  You'll know by the way we handle your order and you'll see the difference in our first class dry cleaning services.
  The entire operational process from start to finish at Woodlake Cleaning Center is what sets us ahead of other cleaners.

How we do things:

Starting with the basics, our equipment and solvents are carefully maintained daily, so your clothes come out their cleanest.  If we think you may not be aware of damage prior to processing your garments or if there is a possibility of a problem, we will call to inform you of the related risks.  Our high standard of quality control in our cleaning process is a very critical factor to ensure you professional results.

Check in:

When you entrust your garments to us, we inspect them before, during and after processing. When we take in an order, we carefully tag your garments and enter them into our inventory system. We carefully track your garments, eliminating lost or mixed garments.

Next, we check the manufacturer's care instructions, and note any special attention required.  We prepare your garments prior to cleaning as necessary for protection: covering  buttons.  Garments are separated according to fabric type, color, and degree of soiling.

Dry Cleaning:

It takes an experienced and skilled spotter to determine what spots can be safely removed.  There is no point of having a spot removed if the color is removed too or the chemical causes a hole and ruins the garment?

Finishing Touches:

Our knowledgeable and experienced pressers carefully finish your clothes according to their special needs to restore their original shape and appearance. 

Sweaters -After cleaning, we carefully block sweaters.

Little Extras We Do:

Minor repairs at no charge, such as:

If there's a missing or loose button, hook or loop, we take care of it for you.

Any lint remaining is carefully removed to finish the job!

Passing inspection:

Finally, all garments are carefully inspected.  We package your garment so it will stay clean, pressed and fresh! 
Two piece outfits, such as a suit, are bagged together in the same bag.  

For further information please contact us at 612-866-8797

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